We Made 125% the Pray Challenge Goal!!!!

We made the goal! Well 125% of it actually, Awesome!. Thanks are great job to everyone who participated. week3This mean we are going to go to the movie this weekend! See what the power of prayer can do!

The movie will be Jupiter Ascending. We will meeting at 4:30 pm at St. Ignatius. We have to leave by 4:45pm  to make it to Fallen Timbers by 5:40. So be there at 4:30, and bring your Permission Slip !

If you are not able to ride with us but can still come to the movie, let us know and meet us at Fallen Timbers,

P.S. -I think we scored so well, we can get some popcorn too!

Some stats for those who care about them:

  • We made 124.47% percent of the goal
  • The goal amount was 1200 points
  • We achieved 1493 points